Film series: Stop rolling the change

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‘Stop rolling the change’ is a documentary created by a women’s team and financed collectively. For a month they travel through different alternatives between Spain and France looking for other ways of life more respectful with the environment and the people who live there. The theory of degrowth, which it is based on, alerts of the impossibility of continuing producing at the same rate as now in a planet whose resources are finite. These levels of energy consumption have caused the destruction of forests, polluted rivers and seas, intoxicated food systems … all of this promoted by financial speculation and a political class carefree at a social and environmental level. How long we have to wait until a change occurs? Is it possible a happy life reducing drastically our needs?

Directed by Blanca Ordóñez de Tena and Alba González de Molina Soler, and produced by La Semilla.


Info (in Spanish):!_Rodando_el_Cambio

The documentary will be screened in Spanish subtitled in English. FREE ENTRY AND DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD 🙂

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