Marea Granate (Maroon Wave) is a transnational non-partisan organisation formed by emigrants from the Spanish State and supporters, which aims to combat the causes of the social and economic crisis that have forced us to emigrate.

Our collective was born in the light of other recent social movements in Spain over the last years. We are somehow the extension of them abroad. Our wave is maroon like the color of our passports, the symbol of our forced migration.



  • Fuck Trump: fuck sexism and racism

    The president of United States is visiting London the 12th of July. Donald Trump has to feel that him and his policies are not welcome. A wave of demonstrations will be held all around and Brighton and Hove has to show its anger and solidarity. Anger for the fascist policies he is implying, anger for…

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  • Aniversario 15M en Brighton

    Marea Granate is celebrating the 15M anniversary. It will happen on Sunday 12:30h at The Cowley Club. We will discuss about the effect of 15M movement in the last years and the influence that it still could have in the future. After that we will continue with a barbecue. We hope see you there!

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  • About the authoritarian drift and the political prisoners in the Spanish State

    Marea Granate (Maroon Wave, a collective of outraged Spanish migrants abroad) hereby denounces the authoritarian and antidemocratic drift of the Spanish State. There are political prisoners in the country, which is not something new. In fact, the anti-terrorist law has been used for years now as a tool to justify detentions, political prosecution and even…

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  • Film Series: We have never been superwoman

    Marea Granate Brighton (Maroon Wave Brighton) continues with the documentary cycle at the Cowley Club. The screening of ‘We have never been superwoman’ will be attended by the director, Paula Romero González. This feminist documentary is part of an investigation project formed by three different parts: An academic investigation, about demythologizing the superwoman stereotype, a…

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    Dear feminist friends and comrades,   On March 8th 2017, hundreds of thousands women went on international strike to denounce the different types of violence that the patriarchal system exerts on us. We stopped working, gave up caring and stopped buying. We went out and crowded out the streets. From Argentina to Australia, we joined…

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  • Film series: Stop rolling the change

    ‘Stop rolling the change’ is a documentary created by a women’s team and financed collectively. For a month they travel through different alternatives between Spain and France looking for other ways of life more respectful with the environment and the people who live there. The theory of degrowth, which it is based on, alerts of…

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  • Les sobramos

    La llamamos Nur y está hecha de migraciones. Por eso tiene un nombre raro, al menos para Buenos Aires, y llevamos sus tres meses de vida explicando a pediatras, comerciantes y pasajeras del autobús, que no gente, que no, que nada tiene que ver con Onur, el nombre del galán de la telenovela turca tan…

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  • Film series: In a strange land

    Marea Granate Brighton is screening the documentary ‘In a strange land’ on Sunday 12 of November at Cowley Club (12 London Road). Iciar Bollain directs this documentary about the experiences of people from the Spanish state who have had to emigrate to other countries because of the crisis. Gloria is one of the 700,000 people…

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  • Sueños de una marmota

    Abro los ojos y faltan aún 10 minutos para que suene el despertador, algo que no me pasa nunca! Y pienso; mañana a estas horas estaré en casa… con un sonrisa me vuelvo a dormir.

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